The aim of the Tennis Academy is to help you to fulfil your potential as a player at junior, university and professional levels.

We know that only a few players become Future Tennis Stars. We also know that becoming a Future Tennis Star does not depends on where you come from, your nationality or how much money you or your family have. It just depend on your hard work, your self belief and how determined and motivated you are to achieve your goals.

The dedication and concentration necessary to achieve academic success are also required for tennis. Tennis is a mental game and our academy supports a player’s psychological as well as physical development.

Arkadiusz Terczynski

Our Tennis Academy is located in Worcester Park in South West London.

In lovely, green surroundings we have:
Tennis Facilities - two outdoor Euro Clay courts with floodlights
Physical training room - gym
Lounge area for players and parents
Outdoor swimming pool

For new players we offer a one day or one week consultation.

The consultation includes:
Analysis of your tennis technique, including basic strokes: forehand , backhand, serve, volley and smash.
Analysis of your footwork on the tennis court, as this so important in modern tennis.
Your tennis tactics and match play (making the right decisions to play the match well).
Your mental game and body language.
Analysis of your physical activity and fitness level.
Planning your tennis and physical activity programme and advice to grow your tennis career.
The time of the consultation will be arranged with the individual player.
Don't hesitate to contact us  to book a consultation.
Old Malden Lane
KT4 7PU Worcester Park, Bromley,
United Kingdom
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